UUSM Sunday Morning Worship Online and In-Person

In-person in the UUSM Sanctuary

UPDATE on Dec. 31st:  Congregational attendance in the sanctuary on Sundays is temporarily suspended in light of the rapidly spreading COVID variant. Only staff and worship leaders will be permitted in the building for everyone’s safety. So please join us online at 10:30am for our regularly livestreamed service. We hope you have a safe and Happy New Year!

YouTube coverMost people see this opening screen as they tune into the UUSM Sunday Worship Service remotely. For the immediate future, most people will continue to experience Sunday Morning Worship this way.

But since September, our sanctuary has been lightly populated on Sunday mornings. Let’s see how they do it.

The Tech Team coordinates the event, signaling to the pulpit and the musicians when to speak, sing, and play, all the while showing on screen to viewers at home the transitions that mark the different parts of the worship service (like “Covenant” and “Hymn of Praise”).

UUSM tech team
Aubrey and Adran seated at the tech board. Cassie and Saunder looking on.

On the chancel, the day’s Worship Associate and Minister conduct worship in mostly the traditional way, but mindful of the fact that there is an in-person audience as well as a much larger audience (mediated by a camera) that they are addressing.

Kikanza and guest minister
Worship associate Kikanza Nuri-Robins and guest minister Joshua Lewis Berg, preaching.
UUSM musicians
Musicians work at the Forbes Hall doorway.

It is a challenge for all participants to manage this hybrid format, where the in-person experience is blended with the remote one so that everyone benefits as much as possible from the full Sunday Worship Service.

You can join the few that attend each week by filling out THIS RESERVATION FORM and submitting your COVID-19 vaccine immunization card to the office.

UUSM Sunday Service with Live People + Coffee after at Tartine • December 12, 2021


2 thoughts on “UUSM Sunday Morning Worship Online and In-Person”

  1. Barbara Kernochan

    Yes, a good time was had by all. I just wish we could bump the number up a bit, since the wait will probably be long. Twenty congregants and a hot cup of coffee would almost feel like the real thing.
    Thanks, Karl, for publicizing all that goes on on a Sunday morning, pandemic be damned.

  2. Huge gratitude to our large tech, music and worship team who have adapted to changing conditions and still manage to bring us inspiration and fellowship each week!

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