A Holiday Wish: To Fill Pantries for People Facing Hunger in Santa Monica

Members of the Hunger Task Force Collecting FoodDear UU Friends,

In our ongoing quest to help keep food on the table for insecure families, the UUSM Hunger Task Force is launching a Winter Food Drive for Westside Food Bank during this year’s darkest month. Our allies at the Westside Food Bank serve 200 food-insecure families each week at the Virginia Avenue Park Mobile Food Pantry. 

The average bag of various groceries is now around $50. Can you donate a bag—literally or figuratively? Can you do it once? Once a month? Once a week?

  • GIVE CASH: Click here to give and specify that it’s for the Hunger Fund. Pledge one bag for the drive ($50), one bag a week ($200), or whatever amount of cash feels good to you.

Is $50 too much? Every dollar donated to Westside Food Bank helps provide four meals to our most vulnerable neighbors: children, families, seniors, veterans, people experiencing homelessness, and others who urgently need help. Your gift in any amount will truly make a difference. Click here to donate.

OTHER WAYS TO GIVE: Would you rather collect food from your friends, family, and neighbors? Order online? However you want to give, we want to make it easy. 

  • Filler ‘er up: Fill your own bag of groceries with items from your pantry or the store and email hunger@uusm.org to arrange for pickup. Church volunteers will pick up as needed the duration of the drive.
  • Shop from home: Order a bag (or box) of groceries from Instacart, Costco, or your other favorite grocer and have them delivered to Jacki Weber (address and email in the church directory). 
  • Be a Can ‘o Beans Chauffeur: Pick up or receive food donations in your neighborhood and deliver to Westside Food Bank.

The drive begins Tuesday, December 21 but you can give starting today. Questions? Email hunger@uusm.org. We’ll keep a running total of donations and share updates.

Thanks for joining us! 

— The UUSM Hunger Task Force


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