Santa Monica Star Mentions Interfaith Service at UUSM

UUSM got a shout-out in the Santa Monica Star newspaper this month, in a story about the Santa Monica Interfaith Council‘s Interfaith Affirmation of our Common Humanity. The group’s annual Holocaust Remembrance service was held at our congregational home on Monday, May 6. Participants who spoke at the event included Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Rabbi Shira Freidlin, Rev. Janet Gollery McKeithen, Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels, Rev. Leon Campbell, Rev. Christie Webb, Pastor Carolyn Baskin-Bell, and more. According to Council President Kathleen Benjamin, paraphrased in the story on page 10 of the Star, the gathering “was not a celebration, but a powerful gathering to affirm [the participants’] commitment to peace, understanding, and unity.” 

If you missed this inspiring service, it’s still available to watch here: