Leverage Authenticity: UU the Vote Handwrites Postcards to GOTV

blue and white "Let's Vote" neon light signage; outline is shape of Nevada

Individually, we all have one vote, and most of us will vote. But we can extend our impact by encouraging others to do the same. Let’s reach outside our bubble to mobilize voters, especially in regions where every vote counts.

Handwritten postcards can be a powerful tool for mobilizing voters and increasing turnout in elections. They leverage the personal touch, lending connection and authenticity to grassroots activism. The message is, “I’m voting, and I encourage you and your friends to do so too. Your voice is important.”

But postcards have a more lasting effect than a phone call, text, or an email. They can make the difference between getting that vote out…or not.

UU the Vote targets lists of potential voters in states and counties where their voices have traditionally been marginalized or even suppressed. On each postcard we provide information for where a registered voter can go to vote, either in person or vote by mail. And we encourage them to vote early to avoid any potential last-minute interruptions on Election Day.

Via tailored messaging, each postcard deftly explains what the big issues are for them, locally and nationally. It’s a gentle nudge to remind recipients of the importance of voting, encouraging them to participate.

UU Santa Monica has a proud history with UU the Vote. We were named an official Good Trouble Congregation after the 2022 election. This year, under the leadership of Brad Hutchinson, we will be busy writing postcards from April 1 to November 1.

Volunteers are welcome to jump in and hand-write a few. We will provide the postcards and stamps, messaging, name-and-address labels, and the correct voting information for that voter. Or you may prefer to help with funding for postcards and stamps. Contact UU the Vote and let us know how you would like to pitch in.

Look for the UU the Vote information table after services, and stop by to say hello.

Soon we will be gathering under the shade structure in the courtyard, before services, to write postcards and get progress updates. Some of the extroverts among us will gather materials and have postcard-writing parties in their homes. These events are great for first-timers

But most of us work quietly at home, reaching out via USPS, one voter at a time.

First up: primary voters in Virginia choosing US Representatives, US Senators, and local offices. Let’s get started and UU the Vote 2024!