Pledge Drive

Your pledge is your promise to the congregation that supports you. Your values. Your support network. Your spiritual growth. Your personal development. And your family.


Generosity Nurtures Abundance

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful and quirky community of families who have been here for generations and seekers who recently arrived for a visit and decided to stay.  We wouldn’t be who we are without you.  We are unique as a Unitarian Universalist congregation because we have found ways to honor the dignity and worth of atheists, humanists, and theists, from many faith traditions and belief systems.  We offer service, education, and spiritual deepening programs for adults, children, and young people.

It’s Stewardship Season. Stewardship means accepting our responsibility for sustaining the care of this community.  Yes, it does mean giving money, and it means more than that.  We know that everyone gives of their time, talents, and treasure. You volunteer your time for deepening and serving.  You offer your talents to sing, teach, cook, rally, create.  You share some of your treasure by making gifts of money to the church. All these gifts make a difference for our church.

Our focus this year is strengthening our religious education programs and preparing to search for and call a settled minister.  You may have noticed, each Sunday, more and more children in the pews and bursting forth from the Cottage.  You may have noticed more and more offerings for adult education.  We want to do even more and better.

We have had the great fortune of having the Rev. Jeremiah Lal Shahbaz Kalendae as our developmental minister for several years, but because he is a transitional minister, his time with us is limited.  Santa Monica is a very attractive place to work, and it is also very expensive.  We must be able to offer a financial package that is as attractive as our campus, beaches, and weather.

Throughout the month of April, you will be invited to join in conversations about your visions and hopes for the church.  You will also hear of the many ways that you can give:  A one time gift.  A legacy gift.  A monthly offering.  Whatever you give, we are grateful.  We want to continue to serve you and we want to make sure that we are financially able to serve one another and the wider world.

Our pledge drive kicks off April 7th and continues through April 28th. If you would like to talk with a member of stewardship before you are contacted, or if you have questions or need help, please email Thank you for supporting our beloved shared spiritual home.

Leading with Abundance UUSM 2024-2025

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We create our own abundance. Thank you for your most generous pledge.

Help Build the Beloved Community With Your Pledge

Thank you for pledging to Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica.