Pledge Drive

Your pledge is your promise to the congregation that supports you. Your values. Your support network. Your spiritual growth. Your personal development. And your family.


Generosity Nurtures Abundance

As we emerge together from the pandemic, we see the sands have shifted under our feet. Rentals have metaphorically washed away. Longtime revenue sources have eroded.The way we fund our church must also change.

Your pledge will make all the difference in sustaining the new growth we have seen in the past year. 

You are invited to read a special message from our president, pledge drive chair, and minister and to thoughtfully consider your gifts of time, talent, and treasure to this congregation.

A member of the board  of directors or UUSM leadership team will be contacting you soon to set up a time to meet online or face-to-face depending on your preference. 

In addition to discussing the future of our fellowship together, this is a great opportunity to strengthen your connections.

Our pledge drive kicks off March 26th and continues through April 30th. If you would like to talk with a steward before they contact you, or if you have questions or need help, please email Thank you for supporting our beloved shared spiritual home.

Emerging Abundance graphic for Pledge/Stewardship 2023

Helpful links and resources for pledging

We create our own abundance. Thank you for your most generous pledge.

Help Build the Beloved Community With Your Pledge

Thank you for pledging to Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica.