Consider Coming to Camp

Consider coming to camp — really, start considering it now.  After having to cancel our de Benneville weekend last year, UUSM’s camp committee is putting hope on the calendar.  Save the dates — September 17, 18, and 19th — for a weekend in the mountains that will give us all a chance to relax and renew.

If you are a former camper, a would-be camper, or just a fan of mountains and trees, put your name on the “I’m Interested List” by emailing the committee at

Also, Camp de Benneville Pines needs your support right now!  If you can add on a monthly payment of even $10 a month, you can make a wonderful difference.  Here’s the link for setting up a monthly contribution.

The pines and cedars, rocks, jays and flowers, and the wide open skies are calling us.

~The Hopeful Camp Committee



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