UU Santa Monica Youth RE Family Movie Night (Middle School Edition)

UUSM Dinner & a Movie Review

Holding online activities can be a bit of a challenge, but the RE Movie night on Saturday, February 27, was a blast! Between delicious pizza, a great movie, and talking to friends, the event was a complete mood lifter and a great time.

A big thanks to the RE parents for hosting and to UU Santa Monica for providing food for the event, as well as creating a fun and positive environment! This is the second movie night RE has done for the Middle Schoolers! The first one was in January.

One of the best parts would probably be talking to friends because everyone is so nice and enjoying the movie along with you. The live group watch has a chat feature that allows you to make fun comments or reactions. This makes things so much more fun because it makes it feel like a group thing and you can make jokes and socialize. It was so awesome too because when I joined it seemed like everyone was so happy to see me. I loved spending time with everyone.

Another great part of it was the food because, well, for one thing, it made it feel more normal, like I went to the movies with my friends or that I was in a real-life movie night, and for another, food just makes everything better! It was a great addition to the event and a very delicious addition as well!

Lastly, watching the movie was definitely one of the best parts. ParaNorman is a very exciting, somewhat spooky, lighthearted film. It was one of the best choices for a family movie night. It was funny, which kept the reactions in chat alive and had a good storyline, which kept me pretty interested.

I am very grateful to have been able to participate in this awesome and entertaining event, and I am super excited for the next one!!

— Delaney Hutchinson

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