2021 Pledge Drive Kicks Off: Emerging Resilient in Faith and Love

Igniting Our FaithDear UUSM Family and Friends,

If you are someone who has supported the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica, you will be receiving a mailing that mimics this post.

A year after we began to shelter in place, we appear to be emerging from the coronavirus pandemic. It’s truly been an odyssey. We have learned to worship together at home. We have connected and cared for each other in ways we hadn’t dreamed of just 18 months ago.

We are aware, more acutely than ever, that the world is hungry for love and justice. We know we cannot manifest it outside if we don’t feel it inside. And understand more fully that we need each other to undertake this sacred work.

UUSM’s pledge drive is now in full swing and that means we’re asking you to help fuel this beloved community.

Respond today at www.uusm.org/2021pledgedrive.

Here’s the good news: generous donors to a UUSM Stimulus Fund are matching your 2021 pledge increase dollar-for-dollar between now and April 27th!

Our Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica, with its liberal religious values, was born for this moment. We are a come-as-you-are congregation that nourishes spiritual growth and challenges us to work for a more just society. We offer balm for those who are weary and action for those who are ready.

If you care for this community, please take a moment to make your pledge to support it for the coming year:

  • Your pledge is your commitment to a community that has helped you through an unprecedented time.
  • It is a statement that you feel aligned with the values of the Unitarian Universalist movement: love, dignity, justice, equity, compassion, curiosity, democracy, interdependence, and more.
  • When you pledge today, your commitment could be matched dollar-for-dollar, thanks to generous donors in the community.

At this time when rentals and fundraisers have evaporated, your pledge is more important than ever. And our spring pledge drive is the time we evaluate our funding so we can pass a wise budget for the coming year. Help us “emerge resilient in faith and love.”

Your pledge fuels Sunday worship. It facilitates dozens of programs each week to deepen your spiritual grounding and build a more just world. And it supports pastoral care so that your UUSM family can be there for you through celebration and struggle.

This is a covenantal congregation and we are self supporting. Our fiscal year budget is built on the promises you make to support UUSM.

Not everyone can increase their pledge this year. But if you are in a position to give more generously, please make a commitment to do so. And if you are struggling financially, just let us know so we can adjust accordingly.

I cannot wait until we enjoy each other’s physical company again at Dining 4 Dollars events, “Lunches for Bunches” on the patio, and all-ages egg hunts and celebrations. Until then, we will continue to virtually co-create the community we aspire to be: beloved to each other, uplifting and encouraging, and caring for a world that hurts.

Thank you for taking the time to make your commitment to our congregation through our 2021 pledge drive. You are truly helping us to emerge resilient in faith and love.


Beth Brownlie, President





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