Young Adults Are Back!

Young Adults do brunchWhen I first started talking with the Young Adults at church about a meeting, I told them, “I’ll be happy if we get five people at brunch.” They were confident that we could easily get five to show up – even more. I had my doubts.

On Sunday October 14 when the Young Adults (ages 18–35) met at Café Zella for brunch, 12 people showed up! I ate crow, but others enjoyed eggs, sandwiches, fruit, and pancakes. Though we were spread out over three tables, the conversation flowed along with the coffee.  We took over the café with youthful energy, and made plans to meet the second Sunday of every month after the 11 am service.

There are so many talented, helpful, energetic, and enthusiastic Young Adults who are interested in our congregation. Part of what surprised me about how many showed up to the café is how few of them I had seen at services before. Many I was meeting for the first time. As the Young Adults grow in cohesiveness and community, they will likely be interested in getting more involved in a church where their thoughts and talents are encouraged and respected.

Please invite Young Adults that you know to join us on Sunday November 11, and in future months. Contact me with questions at I’m looking forward to watching the church and Young Adults grow together.

–Robin Stillwater
Intern Minister

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