Conversations and Connections

Please join us for “Conversations and Connections” on Saturday, November 17, from 10 am to noon in the cottage.

This program will provide our church community the opportunity to develop meaningful connections, two people at a time. Within the context of small group gatherings, we will break into two, encouraging conversation between us that deepen our connections.  Each meeting will offer an opportunity for these one-to-one conversations with at least three people. We will meet once a month in three-month cycles. This third meeting in the cycle will be a potluck for those who have attended one or more of the Conversations and Connections meetings.

Our guiding intention is to provide structure and opportunities for meaningful connections between individuals in our congregation. We believe as the number of one-to-one connections grows over time there will be an expanding web of connections in our community based on trust and acceptance.

We hope you’ll join us. Please sign up at the RE Table in Forbes Hall after services. If you have any questions contact Bettye Barclay or Sue Stoyanoff.

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