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The Communications Team is always looking for ways that UUSM can improve its communication with members, friends, allies, and visitors. We’re excited to announce movement toward revamping and revitalizing our outdated website. The website and the monthly UUSM Newsletter are evolving with united goals: to uplift the whole purpose of the church, and to help all groups that are agents for change be even more successful.

The Website Team (currently, Liz Fuller, Pam Teplitz, and Alicia MacLennan) is working to develop a fresh digital face for our congregation. We can look forward to improved organization and navigation, as well as easier access to the members-only section. We want to hear about your priorities and your preferences for a revamped website. Stay tuned for that call; coming soon.

Mixed emotions color the decision to transition our monthly Newsletter to this primarily online format: Everyone agrees that the Newsletter Committee produced a fabulous print-based product – an asset to our community reflecting decades of history. But the print, PDF, and website editions of the Newsletter demanded more than 70 volunteer-hours a month, and the core volunteers were burning out. We fought declining readership, but numerous glitches and budget restrictions stood in the way. The status quo was disheartening and unsustainable.

But be assured that UUSM’s investments in digital communications are aiming to keep members connected to our mission. Here, we are able to provide more frequent updates and share information and photos in new ways as we tell our stories. Enhanced accessibility via mobile devices will engage the digital generation, the future of our beloved community.

We seek allies of all ages to support members unable to navigate technology or without access to the internet.

If you are a faithful reader of the UUSM Newsletter, you will still receive a monthly email and/or printed piece, at least through January 1, 2019. But keep your eye out for UUSM Newsletter notifications, apps, and social media posts. We’re eager to experiment with new outreach platforms, content flows, and timelines. We’ll definitely keep you posted.

Lois Hutchinson

Communications Team Chair

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