October Worship Services

Join us each Sunday in October as we celebrate and worship as a community.

Blessing of the Animal at UUSMSunday, October 7

Animal House

Services at 9 am and 11 am
The Rev. Greg Ward, preaching
Cassie Winters, Worship Associate

Many religious communities celebrate an annual “Blessing of the Animals” at church, and for good reason. For some of us, pets are the one thing we count on to show us the love we dearly need in life. Is it a tail that loyally wags when you walk in? A head that rises up to be touched by your hand? The sound of purring in your lap? Or just another beloved presence that makes you happy? Join us for our Annual Pet Blessing Service.

Please bring your pet to church in the safest way possible – so they will feel safe as well as other animals (and humans) around them. Or bring a toy they like to play with and a picture, so that they can be blessed in the same way they provide a blessing to you.

Sunday, October 14

Babies, Bathwater, and the Belonging That is Our Birthright

Services at 9 am and 11 am
The Rev. Greg Ward, preaching
Abby Arnold, Worship Associate

We are living in an age of disillusion. Some of the fundamental ideals we were taught to accept and revere in our younger days turn out to be unhelpful – even hurtful – when we invoke them to guide us through the complexities of this new age. It is tempting to throw out everything we were told – lock, stock and barrel – and turn to our own wits and self-reliance to get us through. But sometimes throwing the baby out with the bathwater is a recipe for cynicism, and we are forced to ask ourselves whether it might be better to rebuild what we’ve left behind.

Heart & SoulSunday, October 14

Heart and Soul Service

Service at 5 pm in the Sanctuary

Check out the first “Heart and Soul” led by Robin Stillwater, our new Intern Minister! There will be some changes to this contemplative service: it is group-style with an emphasis on slowing down and sitting in our bodies through attention and silence. Join us in taking a breath to start off the week.

Sunday, October 21

Braving Belonging

Services at 9 am and 11 am
The Rev. Greg Ward, preaching
Catie Grasso, Worship Associate

Have you been looking for the secret? The holy grail? The promise of perfect love and inner peace? You can have it. But first you have to give up all the gods who have promised to save you. Give up the ancient paths, prophecies, potions, or poses. The boundless love you have been looking for is just a few steps beyond the “High Lonesome.” When you know what to look for, you’ll never step over it unnoticed again.

Sunday, October 28

Día de Los Muertos

Services at 9 am and 11 am
Worship Leaders: Robin Stillwater, Kathleen Hogue, and Margot Page
L. Delaney Hutchinson, Guest Musician

Our multigenerational services observe the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday when those who have died are remembered with traditions that support their spiritual journey. We will explore fears of death and the unknown through telling the story of The Dark by Lemony Snicket. The service will include the traditional ofrenda, an alter with marigolds, calaveras, and photographs. Please share a remembrance by bringing a photograph of a loved one who has died.

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