November Update on the Arizona Lobby Repair Project

Plans for the renovation and improvement of the Arizona entrance and lobby are now under review by the City of Santa Monica. 

The foundation under the lobby has shifted over time causing the exterior doors to stick and stop opening. At the same time, the windows next to the exterior doors are in poor repair and starting to fail and the floor is cracked.

This is also a good time to install a glass door into the Garden of Eternity. The city is requiring us to make the Arizona entrance fully compliant with current accessibility standards. 

Project components include:

  • Replacement of the building foundation under the Arizona lobby
  • Replacement of the flooring
  • Replacement of the double doors onto Arizona
  • Realignment of the pathway to the Arizona doors to meet accessibility standards
  • Replacement of the windows facing Arizona with double-glazed, energy efficient windows
  • Installation of glass door into the Garden of Eternity

In the interim, a temporary door has been installed at the Arizona entrance so the entrance can be used to enter Forbes Hall. 










We expect to start construction in January 2022.

The project is led by Nurit Gordon, our church administrator, with support from Bryan Oakes from the Facilities Committee and Abby Arnold from the church Board of Trustees. Funding for the project was authorized by congregational vote in June, 2021, with money allocated from our reserves.


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