November Art Wall: Reed Poverny


An Exhibition by Reed Poverny

The Opening Reception for Reflections by Reed Poverny will be held on Sunday, November 4th from 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm. Poverny will be showing five of his recent sculptural wall hangings and will be available to discuss the inspirations for his work at the reception. The exhibit will be open every Sunday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm and on weekdays by appointment. It will run through November 25th. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Poverny makes his sculptures from fine wood (Canary wood, African Blackwood, and a board of Mexican Ziricote, Lignum Vitae, to name a few), found objects, glass, nails, metal, fishing line, and whatever else he needs to create an image.

The three pieces pictured here will be part of the show; all three were created in 2018.

Other was crafted from wood, metal, and glass.

Elegy was created from metal and persimmon wood.

A glass, darkly was crafted from wood, metal, and glass.

Our Art Director, Beverly Alison, found Povery’s work at an Art Show in Anaheim. She was taken by his work, but the pieces she saw were freestanding and she didn’t know if they could be displayed on our Art Wall. Poverny came to the church, made sure that our hanging hardware could bear the weight of his pieces, and figured out a way to attach his art to our cables. He will be displaying five pieces that will fill the entire wall.

Contact Our Art Director Beverly Alison for further information about this show or about exhibiting on our Art Wall.

For weekday appointments contact Nancy at or 310-829-5436 ext. 102.

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