Freethinker Forum: Sexuality and Consent

Join AAHS (Agnostics, Atheists, Humanists and Secularists) of UU Santa Monica at our special November Freethinker Forum on Sunday, November 25, 1 to 3 pm in the Sanctuary, for a discussion of the timely and important topic, Sexuality and Consent. The discussion will feature Emmalinda MacLean of More Than Sex Ed. Everyone is welcome.

More about Humanism:
Humanism challenges us to be reasonable, compassionate, fair, and accountable without reliance on creed or dogma. Central to Humanist thought is the principle that all people (should!) have inherent dignity and worth, and are entitled to fundamental human rights. But how does that translate to sexuality and relationships? What is a Humanist response to patriarchal forms of oppression or control that persist in our society? What about recent political developments and the revelations of the #MeToo movement? How do we do a better job of living out our values?

(BTW: What do we mean by “Humanism?” If you’re new to the topic, start here for some background:

James Witker will be joined by expert sexuality educator Emmalinda MacLean, co-founder of More Than Sex-Ed, a local nonprofit that promotes a comprehensive, inclusive, and fact-based understanding of human sexuality to redress negative sexual attitudes, behaviors, and consequences in our culture (such as homophobia, misogyny, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and more). Emmalinda is also well known to many in our community because she has served twice as acting Director of Religious Education at UUSM in recent years.

We’ll have time for discussion and sharing our personal viewpoints and experiences, as usual. Emmalinda will lead us in a fun, interactive game that will help provide a deeper understanding of consent and bodily autonomy.

More about Emmalinda:
Emmalinda MacLean is a proud graduate of the Unitarian Universalist “Our Whole Lives” program, which she attended as a 7th grader, and to which she credits the many healthy, caring, responsible, fulfilling relationships she’s had since. She is a trained OWL facilitator for grades K-12 (and has taught hundreds of students comprehensive sexual health classes over the past eight years) and is approved to train others as OWL facilitators. Emmalinda is the co-founder and program director of More Than Sex-Ed, a non-profit created by a group of UUs to bring the Our Whole Lives sexuality education curriculum to youth beyond our congregations. She now works as a full-time sex educator, traveling around Los Angeles teaching young people about consent, respect, healthy relationships, and the correct way to put a condom on a banana. She served Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church as Director of Religious Education from 2010 until 2018. She volunteers with children and teens at Camp de Benneville Pines. She holds a BA in theater from UCLA and has also served as the education director of a clown troupe, a Lego-robotics instructor, a children’s theater teacher, and a really good listener.

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