December/January Art Wall: Matt Malcolm

The art wall in Forbes Hall will feature works by the artist Matthew Malcolm during the months of December 2023 and January 2024. Matthew is a Los Angeles-based artist from Berkeley, CA. He writes: 

When I’m painting and drawing, it feeds my soul and I feel truly free. My art is an extension of my spirit and the energy that I put into the world. It reflects my core belief of thinking outside of the box. The everyday grind that is life can be a little harrowing at times. Making art allows me to create my own reality that I can immerse myself in and temporarily escape from societal expectations. My joy, sadness, and anger fuel my creativity and I take pride in being able to turn my emotions into something beyond myself that I can share with the world. I focus on creating pieces that allow me to explore my imagination and be my true authentic self.

UUSM is pleased to make these new works available to view. The exhibit is open on Sunday mornings after 10:00 am. To schedule a viewing during business hours, please call Esther Chase at (310) 829-5436 x100. For all other inquiries, contact our Art Director, Beverly Alison.

1 thought on “December/January Art Wall: Matt Malcolm”

  1. I loved Matt Malcolm’s exhibition. It is truly art from the soul. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Matt.

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