October/November Art Wall: Colleen Flynn-Lawson

Colleen Flynn Lawson artwork

Paintings by Colleen Flynn-Lawson will hang on the art wall in Forbes Hall during the months of October and November. Colleen is based in Los Angeles, California and has been exhibiting in California, the East Coast of the USA, and Canada since focusing on her career as a full time artist in 2000. 

In Colleen’s words:

“I’ve always been fascinated by mysterious worlds, and the beautiful beings that populate them.  Worlds like the ones found in tide-pools, or the thick air hanging above a pond, or sometimes discovered teeming under a fallen tree. These worlds somehow appear so many different ways, all at once.  They feel like they’re not only delicate, but also self-sufficient, and somehow…resilient.  I feel as if they live in a kind of harmonious collective.  When I’m painting, I’m incredibly inspired to create these worlds that seem to me to be both foreign, but also so very familiar.

What I’m painting is actually always about the same thing: life continues, it can be so incredibly harmonious, and at the same time so full of chaos. It’s always about life. Life starts, life ends and there’s beauty in that… and in way we are all interconnected…a community. We hold onto one another.

My process is working with the alchemy of water and pigment. My technique also involves multiple layering and staining. I scrape and mold to both obscure and reveal previous layers. Despite this workman-like process, my hope is that the paintings reflect an ethereal atmosphere that is lively, meditative and sensuous.”

In December 2020, Colleen experienced a series of strokes. It profoundly affected her eyesight, and she was terrified that she would never be able to paint again. A year later, she was invited by a friend to mess around in her studio, and she jumped at the chance. Colleen’s previous work had been painted on wood panels, but she was hesitant to do so again. At the encouragement of her friend, she began painting on watercolor paper and what followed was 40 new pieces at a stunningly fast pace. It was an amazing magical experience which revived her self-confidence and gave her so much freedom and joy.

UUSM is pleased to make these new works available to view. The exhibit is open on Sunday mornings after 10:00 am. To schedule a viewing during business hours, please call Esther Chase at (310) 829-5436 x100. For all other inquiries, contact our Art Director, Beverly Alison.

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