Did You See the Newsletter Digest?

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The Newsletter Committee and Website Team have premiered the first UUSM Newsletter Digest. UUSM members and friends far and wide received the Digest via email, and will continue receiving it monthly. It includes a sampling of posts appearing here on the new, web-based UUSM Newsletter, keeping up with a long tradition of informing the membership, and keeping up with the times. The UUSM.org website and the UUSM Newsletter are evolving together with united goals: to uplift the whole purpose of the church, and to help all groups that are agents for change be even more successful.

Ask your friends at church what they think of the web-based UUSM Newsletter. Did they see this Newsletter Digest email? Are they getting the Weekly Announcements that are emailed on Thursdays? If not, they should contact Diego Andres (oos@uusm.org) to update their email address and/or spam filter. Those members who have difficulty navigating technology should contact the Comm Team via Diego in the church office or CommTeam@uusm.org.

We are a committee in transition. What do you like about the site and the Digest? (You can view the Digest here.) Let us know in Feedback below. Your comments will not be published but are very useful.



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