August & September Art Wall: Bettye Barclay “Through the Years”

Join us on Sunday, August 13, from 11:00-12:30 PM for the Opening Reception for Through the Years, an exhibit of artwork by Bettye Barclay.

The exhibit includes examples of Bettye’s work in various media exhibited at UUSM through the years since she was first invited to display her acrylic and collage Mandalas in 2007.

Bettye recalls: “Seasons of the Heart, a series of raku wall pieces, followed a few years after Mandalas. I became a member at UUSM about that time. My art wall displays since then have included watercolor paintings, acrylic, silk paintings, collage, and fused glass wall pieces. Creating art adds much pleasure and meaning to my life, sharing it on the art wall increases the joy for me.

Through the Years has a double meaning for me. Recently while digging through boxes buried deep in my garage storage, I suddenly felt as if I was at an archaeological dig. I found clay pieces I made in a previous life, after I divorced my first husband, Harvey Eisenberg, but before I married Bruce Barclay in 1986. At the reception on August 13, I will have an assortment of my clay pieces including some recently ‘excavated’ that are examples of my work with clay through the years.”

As a thank you to UUSM in appreciation for the welcome her artwork has received from people here since Bettye’s first exhibit so many years ago, all proceeds from this exhibit will be donated to UUSM except for the amount due to the State of California for the sales tax included in the purchase price.