Celebrating the Life of Anne Hastings MacQueen

A Brief Biography

Anne Hastings MacQueen was born December 24, 1933, in Lewes, Delaware and died January 30, 2021, in Santa Monica, California.   She spent her early years in Seaford, Delaware partly in a house her grandfather built, adjoining their farmland, and partly in the town where her father ran a local newspaper.  Perhaps some of her progressive ideas were formed at that time, in the small, segregated community her father took the then radical step of hiring a black person to assist at the newspaper.  She had many stories of those early years, especially of her two adored older brothers, Woodland and Stevens.\"\"

At the age of 14, immediately after WWII, she attended high school at an international school in France and also helped with the war recovery efforts in Germany.  She returned to the U.S. for her final year at Putney in Vermont, before attending Reed College in Oregon where she met her husband, Jim MacQueen and started a family.  Son Donald was born in 1953 in Oregon, daughter Katherine in Berkeley, California and daughter Mary in Santa Barbara, California where Jim pursued graduate studies and then work.

The family finally settled in Santa Monica.  Eventually, Anne achieved a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from UCLA, and worked as an analyst.  It was after her retirement that her grandchildren began arriving – they were one of her great joys in life, and she spent many hours helping and playing with them.

\"\"Anne joined the UU of Santa Monica in the 1970s and, following retirement from her career as an analyst, worked for the church doing accounting and helped in the office with the newsletter.  She enjoyed inviting church members to dinner and beach walks for its “Dining for Dollars” campaigns, and the many festivals, programs and events put on by the church.

She is survived by one son, Donald, two daughters, Katherine and Mary, five grandchildren, Metabrafor, Sarah, Onome, James, and Kiemute, and one great-grandchild, Eleanor.


The family invites you to a celebration of Anne\’s life on Saturday, November 6 in the courtyard at church, at 11:00 am. 

  • The church\’s rules for the gathering include being vaccinated, wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and not eating or drinking onsite.
  • Please RSVP to: Kate.
  • A parking attendant will be available to greet us at the Santa Monica UCLA hospital structure south of Arizona, at the entrance on the east side of 16th Street.  If you park on the street instead, please read the parking signs before you turn off the key, to avoid a ticket.  
  • If the weather is cool, please dress warmly as we will be outside — as we gather to remember someone who loved being outside!





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