Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Feast – Together Again!

After 3 long years, we will have a UUSM church-wide, open-air, midday Thanksgiving celebration Nov 20. It will be a gathering much like those in the past, but outside for safety. 

UUSM Hikers in July

UUSM Hikers Are on the Trail Again

The hiking group is ready to hike again Saturday, October 29th at 9:00 am when we will meet at church to organize carpooling. The hike for this month will be in Topanga State Park along the Musch trail.

June 26 Sunday Service at 9:30 am This Week Only

Our Sunday Service will be at 9:30 am this week to allow us to virtually attend our annual Unitarian Universalist General Assembly Worship Service. General Assembly’s theme is “Meet the Moment: Reimagining Radical Faith Community.”