UUSM Marches for Religious Tolerance, Peace and Justice

Interfaith March 2023

The 8th Annual Interfaith Solidarity March, sponsored by Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace and Justice (IRTPJ), on April 30, 2023, had at least fifty enthusiastic participants. UUSM was well represented with ten inspired marchers. For a history of UUSM’s involvement, please see this article.

Faith leaders from many congregations spoke at four stops on the one-mile route along Wilshire and Vermont Boulevards. The march began at St. Basil’s Catholic Church, continued to the Robert F. Kennedy Inspiration Park, located at RFK Community Schools on the site of the old Ambassador Hotel where RFK was shot,  then moved on to Immanuel Presbyterian Church, and ended at the Muslim Center of Southern California. The speeches were heartfelt and powerful and made me glad I was there to hear them. 

Our own James Witker spoke at Robert F. Kennedy Inspiration Park. He made us all laugh by telling two Unitarian jokes. He spoke from the heart and we all felt it. Another familiar face, Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels, Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Beth Shir Shalom of Santa Monica, spoke and then played his guitar and led us in song as we walked to our next stop.

It was an easy march and I was glad to have been among the people of many faiths marching in solidarity for peace, justice, and freedom for all.

Full video from the march. James speaks from 35:37- 39:44.

All photos and video courtesy of Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace, and Justice (IRTPJ).