Zoom Meeting to Discuss Changes to UUA Article II: UU Principles and Sources

UUA Article II Study Commission

Note: Date, time, and location have been moved to Zoom, Date TBA.

Article II of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Bylaws, Principles and Purposes is the section which contains the UU Seven Principles, Six Sources, and other language about the UUA’s relationship to its member congregations. Because this document describes a “Living Tradition,” it is revisited from time to time as amendments, updates, and revisions are considered. (The most recent revision was in 2018, changing “words and deeds of prophetic women and men” in the Second Source to “…prophetic people.”) Specifically, the bylaws mandate a regular revision process for Article II every fifteen years.

The UUA Board of Trustees convened an Article II Study Commission in 2020. The commission has spent more than two years listening, reflecting, and working. The end result is a proposal, accepted by the UUA board, that would significantly rewrite the existing Article II. Notably, it incorporates much of the language of the separately proposed 8th Principle, calling for purpose and accountability related to anti-racism and undoing white supremacy. It also proposes a total revisioning of the Principles and Sources, re-working the former into a set of “Values” and removing the Six Sources completely in favor of a generalized statement about “Inspirations.”

An important vote at this year’s General Assembly will determine the path forward for Unitarian Universalists. A possible vote at the 2024 General Assembly will decide whether the final revisions to Article II are accepted, or not.

To learn more about this process and view the proposed revisions, there is a wealth of information and resources here: UUA Article II Study Commission.

On Thursday, May 25th at 7 PM a weeknight in the next two weeks TBA, the Adult Programs Committee will host a Zoom meeting to present and discuss the proposed changes to Article II for those who are interested. A recording of this event will be available to those who can’t make it in-person.

Please contact Adult Programs for Zoom info and with any questions.