April Art Wall: Phillip Timper

The April Art Wall Opening Reception on Sunday, April 7, 2019 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm will showcase works depicting themes of exhilarating colors and familiar images to Phillip Timper, a prolific oil painter and muralist from Prescott, AZ.

Timper chooses oil paint, watercolor, and pencil as his media to reflect the world around him, focusing on capturing images to explore subjects of quiet moments filled charged emotional moments of everyday life. Although the perspective in the matter changes from work to work, Timper presents an unforgettable array of colors that tie these themes together at this exhibit.

“Think of painting as you might think of language. There are thousands of languages spoken today all with the same purpose, communication.”
— Phillip Timper

Timper’s current works depict his gritty devotion to capturing his fellow humanoids in their natural habitats, observed in the Blues ‘n Brews Festival SeriesThe Abstraction Series, and the Desert Animal Gift Collection.

Phil decided to become an artist very early in life. A Midwestern boy, he started landscape painting at age 9, lived in the art room during high school, and painted his way through college. He moved into a design and illustration career as an adult. However, his love of art and painting persisted and he continues to paint and make art to this day.

The opening reception will be from 12 noon to 1:30 pm in Forbes Hall, April 4, after the Sunday morning services. The exhibit will continue through the end of April. For appointments, contact Cyndee Hayes at assistant@uusm.org or 310-829-5436 x102. Accessible parking is available behind the church.

Contact Art Director Beverly Alison or visit uusm.org for further information about this show or for more information about exhibiting at our Art Wall events.

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