A Note to Our Members and Friends at This Uncertain Time [COVID-19 Update]

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Take courage friends. The way is often hard, the path is never clear, and the stakes are very high. Take courage. For deep down, there is another truth: you are not alone. —Rev. Wayne B. Arnason

Dear Ones,

As COVID-19 grips the country, you have no doubt been instructed and warned and increasingly alarmed by the news reports.

What we think you need to hear most at this time is that you are not alone.

The Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica is here to support you. And we see this time of heightened anxiety as an opportunity for us to learn to be together and support each other in new ways.

One of the great things we can offer to another when facing fear or uncertainty is calm and the presence of mind to make good decisions and take sensible action. Another is the tools to connect and care.

Here’s what we would like to share today:

  1. Centering practice works: Adopting a meditation practice of just sitting for 5-20 minutes a day can help to alleviate and cultivate mindful presence. If you don’t have your own prayer or meditation practice, We’d like to share a resource library (from our friends at InsightLA).
  2. We are heeding LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s recommendation to slow the spread of the Coronavirus by foregoing worship in our sanctuary this weekend. Instead….
  3. Please join us online for a special livestream Sunday Worship through Facebook. If you need help accessing Facebook, please contact board member Eileen McCormack who can assist you!

If you are a RE Family, DRE Cleo will have a special email for you. Stand by!

  1. Because our older members are among our most vulnerable, the Pastoral Care Team is going to be setting up a check-in system.

Isolation can be lonely but we do have wonderful technology to connect, whether telephones, FaceBook or Zoom Rooms. Please reach out to pastoralcare@uusm.org if you are in need of support or you are willing to reach out to others who may need you.

  1. We are ramping up our capabilities for virtual group and committee meetings beginning next week. Stand by for more information.
  2. We are ramping up our online communication tools, creating a private FaceBook
  3. If you become infected with COVID-19 please let Rev. Jeremiah know so we can track cases and care in our congregation. He is reachable at minister@uusm.org or you can call the church office.

We are taking the precautions necessary to protect our community. It is important that everyone follows the directions of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and our local public health agencies.

If you need to be on campus, know that we are following LA County Department of Public Health recommendations to reduce risk.

Finally, know you are not alone and this beloved community is here for you. Please don’t hesitate to call the church office or reach out to one of us at any time.

With love and concern,

Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae
Developmental Minister
Jacki Weber
President, UUSM Board of Directors

Please note these event postponements and/or cancellations in the Thursday, March 12 Announcements.

Be safe and stay well.
—Your UUSM Newsletter Team

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