COVID-19 Cancels Dining for Dollars 2020

COVID-19 cancels D4$ 2020

With reluctance and disappointment, the Dining for Dollar Committee announces the cancellation of this year’s Dining for Dollar 2020 Auction. This decision eliminates both a major fundraising opportunity and denies all of us the pleasure and joyful opportunity to socialize and enjoy fellowship together throughout the year in special places and special ways.

The D4$ team worked for months in preparation for this year’s auction. The events themselves required the devoted attention and contribution of many of you (65 this year), who planned to host events and offer goods and services. All of that effort has been dissolved and deteriorated by the COVID-19 Pandemic, dealing a dramatic blow to all of us.

On a more positive note, the 12-member D4$ Committee fully expects to rebound next year and be up and running, ready for a February 2021 D4$ auction once again. They hope that many of this year’s hosts might hold tight and be ready to resume their intent to host next year.

This D4$ 2020 cancellation eliminates fundraising totaling at least $30,000 that supports UUSM programs and personnel. Please consider, as you are able, adding an amount that might have been spent on this year’s D4$ campaign to your annual pledge in our current Stewardship campaign.

Thank you for the difficult on-going work and dedication of the 2020 D4$ team: Rebecca Crawford, Farrokh Allen, Barbara Gibbs, Cheryl Barnett, Bob Dietz, Resa Foreman, Lucy Hahn, Emily Hero, Carol Ring, Haygo Salibian, Cathy Wolfson, and Patricia Wright.

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