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In a continuing effort to differentiate UUSM’s public online multi-author blog from the private weekly Thursday Announcements emails, the newsletter committee has decided to rename our online publication the UUSM Community News Magazine. We agreed that this may better describe our longer-form posts written by members of the congregation and staff, and published throughout the month on the news.uusm.org website. We encourage submissions that both describe upcoming events and activities and which report results and outcomes afterwards. All posts are fully edited by our crack team of volunteer editors.

UUSM Community News Magazine

The UUSM Community News Magazine is a website managed and edited by church volunteers.  It is available for everyone in the world to learn more about UUSM.  To stay abreast of new articles as they are published, please use the form in the blue box in the right column of this page to subscribe.  By signing up, you will only receive notifications of new articles; you will not be added to any other church mailing list.

Near the beginning of every month, the News Magazine emails a News Digest to the Members and Friends email list. The email contains just a few of the articles published over the previous month, but always includes the upcoming sermons and event information. The purpose of the email is to remind those on the list that more information can be found at the news.uusm.org website.

Thursday Announcements

The Thursday Announcements email blast is prepared by the amazing UUSM office staff, notably Sibylla Nash, and sent to a smaller list of Members and Friends of UUSM. The Announcements often include shorter versions of articles on the News Magazine website…but those who subscribe to updates from the News Magazine website are not automatically added to the Members and Friends list.

UUSM Website

Finally, UUSM also offers the uusm.org website, which is our church’s online doorway to UUSM and Unitarian Universalism in general. UUSM.org provides information about UUSM for visitors, as well as the church calendar with Sunday Service and event information. The website also is the home to our giving portal, a staff directory, and historical and governance archives…and it contains a secure members-only section, where the membership directory and other more “inside” information lives.

We sincerely hope this name change helps to clear up any confusion about the content each online publication provides.  And please feel free to contact us at newsletter@uusm.org if you have any questions or if you would like to join our editing team!

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