Update on Arizona Lobby Architectural and Engineering Plans

The Arizona Avenue lobby of Forbes Hall will be repaired and renovated over the next few months to fix the underlying conditions that make the Arizona doors inoperable and to add a visually inspiring entry into the Garden of Eternity. Funding for the project was approved by the congregation at our annual meeting on June 27, 2021.

Our architect, Ralph Mechur, continues to finalize the plans with information obtained from our engineering consultant. Mr. Mechur will submit the plans to the City of Santa Monica and we hope the City approval process will only take several weeks. As it stands now, work will be completed at the beginning of 2022. A temporary door will be installed at the Arizona entrance for the duration of the project.

Church Administrator Nurit Gordon serves as the church’s project manager and meets with Mr. Mechur at least every other week, along with Bryan Oakes from the Facilities Committee and Abby Arnold from the Board of Directors. The committee will keep the congregation informed of the progress of the project as it moves forward.

1 thought on “Update on Arizona Lobby Architectural and Engineering Plans”

  1. Barbara Kernochan

    Thanks for this update. I am personally very happy to learn that we are once again working with Ralph Mechur, so did such a fine job on our overall campus revitalization when we were so fortunate as to acquire the adjacent property that has become our RE headquarters, garden, play area, etc.

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