Two Memorial Services


On July 16, 1927, Stuart was delivered by a witch doctor in the jungles of the Republic of Panama. At the age of two he was introduced to the Unitarian Church of Memphis, TN (founded 1896). In the early 1940’s he was active in their YPRU (Young Peoples Religious Union). In the late 1940’s he was a member of the Unitarian Church of Champaign, IL.  When he moved to California in 1952, he joined the Laymen’s League of the Santa Monica Unitarian Church long before he became a member officially in 1961.

Stuart was very active in the church during Ernie and Judith’s ministries.  He served on the Board of Directors for six years including as Chairman in 1969-70. He was also the church’s Building Engineer for 40 years.

Stuart Moore died peacefully Saturday, May 4 at the age of 91. He is survived by his wife, Francine; his three children who grew up in this church, Amy Robison, and Eliot and Lionel Moore; and his grandchildren Vivian and Arch Stuart Robison. His memorial service was on Saturday, June 8, 2019, 1:00 pm, Sanctuary.




We are sad to announce the passing of Gerrie Lambson on May 15. Gerrie lived a very full life – including the last 20 years as a member of UUSM. She was well known to many for her service to our community and she will be missed. Gerrie spent years as a copy editor of the UUSM newsletter and was a champion of hospitality at the church, either by serving coffee after services, or by preparing and lighting the chalice in Forbes in front of the TV where the service is videocast. She also headed up our Undy-Sunday campaign for many years, collecting and donating useful clothing for local homeless shelters.

Gerrie became a Unitarian pre-merger in Kansas City after “escaping” her Mormon upbringing in rural Utah. She received a degree in English and a doctorate in Anatomy and was a lifelong teacher of many subjects.

Please plan to attend the memorial and share your stories with other members who miss her. Her memorial service was on Sunday, June 9, 2019, 4:00 pm, Sanctuary.

I knew Gerrie Lambson for most of my time at UUSM. I think I served coffee with her in the early 00’s. She was doing Undy Sundays even back then. (Just found mention in a 2004 newsletter. See below.) Gerrie was on the staff of the newsletter as a proofreading editor from 2004-2014, with Carol Agate, Dayla MacDonald, and Charles Haskell as editors-in-chief. She served as Board Secretary under Sue Bickford in 2010. The Secretary position was eliminated the following year when the board size was reduced, but the position was later reinstated.
—Pam Teplitz

Undy Sunday was a Big Success

Thanks to all who contributed so generously to the underwear collection on January 11. While the need could be endless, we were able to contribute: for men 74 pairs of briefs/boxers, 22 crew neck shirts, and six pairs of socks; for women 91 pairs of underpants, six pairs of socks/hose, one bra; for children one footed sleeper, one one-piece romper, six onesies shirts, 30 pair girl’s briefs, 15 pair boy’s briefs. The underwear will go to the Cold/Wet Weather Shelter.
— Gerrie Lambson, 2004


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