The Power of We: Dispatches from UUA General Assembly 2019

Opening Ceremony Banner Parade

Worship, witness, learn, connect… This year’s General Assembly in Spokane, WA, is inspiring UUSM’s delegates as they discover and explore new tools to carry on the work of our community.

Intern Minister Robin Stillwater says, Hello from GA!


Sunday, June 23

Juvonne gospel

UUSM Choir Section Leader Jyvonne Haskin gets her gospel on at Sunday Morning Worship. Sing and clap along at



Saturday, June 22

Theme discussion: What is so important in Unitarian Universalism that you would be willing to sacrifice for it? Barb Greeve, co-moderator of General Session II (Business Meeting) presenting.

Friday, June 21

“The Power of We” is the theme of GA.

When we do move the margins to the center and fully value the leadership and contributions of those who have been marginalized within our movement,  people of color, queer and trans people, disabled people, low-income people, young people, and others –  amazing things happen.

– Barb Greeve, co-moderator of General Session I (Business Meeting)

Dismantling systems of oppression within our movement means doing things differently. It takes more than different leaders. It also takes different leadership structures, culture, and different ways of doing things. It takes trying things and failing, and figuring out what to do differently. It takes slowing down, evaluating what we are trying and evaluating the process, not just the outcome.

– Elandria Williams, co-moderator of General Session I (Business Meeting)

We are sitting at the precipice of something beautiful, incredible, and radical in this faith. We must allow it to happen, and not let fear and distrust of change be our guide…. It is meaningless for organizations and movements to claim to be about change in the world, and operate in oppressive ways in terms of staffing, how decisions are made, and how people are treated…. It’s time to do religious education for everybody, and not just go to church and hear the sermon. So maybe we can all be on the same page.  It’s time for us to put care of each other first, the impact we want to have on the world next, and then the deliverables third. Because when you put the care and the impact first, the deliverables will come.

– Elandria Williams, co-moderator of General Session I (Business Meeting)

The Rev, Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray

See more, including the annual report from UUA President the Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray at “This is no time to go it alone.”

Thursday, June 20

We love how UUSM Choir Section Leader Jyvonne Haskin raises her voice “for the children of our children” at the Service of the Living Tradition.

Later, the Rev. Lindi Ramsden, from Starr King School for the Ministry, channels Bill Nye the Science Guy’s NSFW tirade on climate change. “Now is the time to go all in…. Massive public and private resources will be mobilized. The question is, where and in whose interest will those investments be made? It is so important to leverage this moment and this time of gathering momentum to advance equity, to create climate justice.”

Wednesday, June 19

Opening Ceremony Banner Parade

UUSM delegates proud to march in the Opening Ceremony. Camp de Benenville Pines in the house!


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