September Update on the Arizona Lobby Repair Project

Arizona Lobby Staircase

The Arizona lobby of Forbes Hall on our campus is sinking. The floor is cracked and the doors are not operable. After years of temporary solutions it is time to solve the problem, and at the same time install glass doors into the Garden of Eternity so that it becomes the attractive, peaceful place for quiet contemplation that was envisioned when it was created. The congregation authorized the expenditure of reserve funds to complete this project.

We hoped to be able to replace the decaying windows and the stairs to the second floor as part of the same project. As construction cost estimates have come in, we realized we won’t be able to replace the stairs at this time.

Our current project scope includes:

  • A new foundation under the Arizona lobby
  • New flooring in the lobby
  • Replacement of the Arizona doors
  • Replacement of the Arizona windows with new energy-efficient double-glazed windows in frames that require much less upkeep
  • Installation of a new glass doorway into the Garden of Eternity

A temporary door on Arizona will be installed in September so that an exit can be operable when we begin to use the church campus again.

Your construction management team is led by Church Administrator Nurit Gordon, supported by Bryan Oakes from the Facilities Management Committee and Abby Arnold from the Board of Directors. We will submit an application for a construction permit to the City of Santa Monica in the next few weeks, and expect approval to begin construction in December or January.

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