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Pastoral Care at the Unitarian Universalist
Community Church of Santa Monica

An update: June 2020

Pastoral care is provided to members of the congregation by networks of pastoral support and care under the supervision of the minister. In a congregation of nearly three hundred members, the minister helps the congregation to take ownership for providing support to our members. You can email if you would like to access support available through Pastoral Care. Your confidential request goes to our Executive Team who then decides how best to respond to the request. You can also send Joys, Milestones, and Sorrows to this email address to be shared in our weekly announcements and/or from the pulpit on Sunday Mornings.

Pastoral Care Executive Team (Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Minister)
The Executive Team coordinates caring across the multiple pastoral care programs and groups of the congregation. It consists of the minister, chair(s) of the Pastoral Associates Program, chair(s) of the Care Ring, and leadership from any Task Forces created to meet specific needs, such as during the pandemic.

Pastoral Associates Program (Bettye Barclay, Chair)
The Pastoral Care Associates meet many of the pastoral needs of our members. They can provide a non-judgmental and loving presence to those going through major life transitions or who are in need of spiritual companionship. They usually meet from three to six times with a person to offer caring listening as the person adjusts to the changes in their life. Confidentiality is important in their contacts with people in order to provide a safe place for sharing.

Care Ring Group (Linda van Ligten, Chair)
Care Ring maintains awareness of people in our congregation by monitoring isolated, elderly, fragile, and at-risk members. This awareness allows them to offer, as needed, caring support through cards, emails, phone calls, and visits. Confidentiality is important in their contacts with people in order to provide a safe place for sharing.

Pastoral Care Task Force and Chalice Companions (Kikanza Nuri-Robins, Chair)
The Pastoral Care Task Force is weaving threads of community by staying in contact with isolated, elderly, fragile, and at-risk members of the congregation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The members of the task force coordinate phone calls to assure that someone regularly checks in with our elder and most at-risk members. This temporary committee consists of members of the two Pastoral Care committees as well as others, Chalice Companions, from our congregation. The Task Force will meet biweekly until September 2020.

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