Justice for Alex Flores 1 Year Angelversary

For the past year we have joined the Flores family in their fight for justice in the police murder of their son Alex Flores on November 19, 2019. During this year, the fight has expanded from just being about justice for Alex to also calling for justice for all victims of police brutality and murder.

What started as daily rosaries and then marches from the site of the killing to Newton Police Station, evolved into a weekly rallies and marches; first, just to Newton Station; later, through the neighborhood to the site of the police killing of Daniel Hernandez, and expanding to include the family of David Flores who was killed in Gardena by LAPD.

We went to former District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s house twice to call out her refusal to charge even one officer in the more than 600 cases of police killings during her tenure. We even participated in a May Day car caravan that linked the fight of tenants to the struggle against police violence as the police are the ones enforcing illegal evictions even during the pandemic.

In August, we hosted a speak-out at Newton Station featuring many families and a car caravan to South East Station where the police that killed David Flores are stationed.

Just last month, the Say Their Names art installation and rally honored the 600+ victims of police murder under DA Lacey.

Now, as we approach the one-year mark, we need all hands on deck to support the Flores family and their struggle.

The plan is to gather at 2731 S Central Ave at 6 pm on Friday, November 20 for a rosary service. The march through the neighborhood will begin around 7 pm ending with a rally at 9:30 pm at Newton Police Station. Cars are very welcome.

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