Our Spring 2021 Fundraising Auction Coming in May

To our beloved UUSM community,

Now in the second year of the pandemic, life at UUSM continues, and so do our fundraising needs.  This is the time of year when in the past Dining for Dollars would have rolled out.   This year, we will hold our second fundraising auction.  And we invite you to participate!  Do you have some item of value that we could include in the auction?  Would you like to hold a Zoom-friendly event?

Our first auction featured artwork and jewelry and lovely textiles that members bid on and the Church benefitted from.  In a few online events, the church community was able to get together and “Make Pizza Like a Pro,” or enjoy beer tasting and wine tasting, and remember the 60s in a Beatles trivia event.

Hey UUs!  The possibilities are there!  Suggest an event, food-related or not, that you could host online, that the congregation could bid on, and our church will benefit from.

Zoom is not the same as face-to-face, but it can be fun.  One way to “serve” food at your event is to prepare it and then offer it for people to pick up (at your home, at the church), then share in community.

How will YOU help bring people together during this pandemic?  What can you offer?  We’ve done it already.  Let’s do it again!  Just email auction@uusm.org with offers, questions, and ideas.  Thanks!


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