Mid-August Update on the Arizona Lobby Repair Project

rebar is in place for the Lobby foundation 8-17-22

At long last, a new foundation, new flooring, new doors, and new energy-efficient windows are under construction for our Arizona Avenue Lobby. This area serves as an entryway to Forbes Hall as well as to our classrooms upstairs.

ArizonaIn the first month, walls, ceilings, doors, and windows were removed, plus the flooring and a whole lot of concrete. By August 11, with the rubble neatly cleared away, 4-foot trenches had been dug near the bottom of the stairs. Next came the grading.

By August 18, rebar had been fitted into place in a grid pattern as part of the new foundation.

Exterior wall of mnister's study

Of course, the surface of the wall outside the Minister’s study had to be removed during the demolition phase.

Plastic sheeting, shown in the last photo, is sometimes used as an intermediate step in the process of making a new floor.


rebarThroughout this construction project, the Arizona Lobby area, including the bathrooms on the 1st and 2nd floors, will be blocked and inaccessible. The only bathrooms available are two in the Cottage and one in the Sanctuary Lobby. We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience caused by the construction and we appreciate everyone’s understanding.

We can enter our campus from front courtyard that faces 18th Street at the corner of Arizona Avenue and from the alley gate by the kitchen and Forbes Hall’s sliding glass doors.

Take a look at the reasons for this project, and our journey to this point.



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