May Art Wall: Children’s Religious Exploration Exhibit

On Sunday, May 5’s Art Wall opening reception, Kathleen Hogue, Director of Religious Exploration, members, and friends will gather at Forbes Hall after both services to celebrate yet another way for children to experience and learn from the community about the value of art, for one of Hogue’s final projects before her departure.

The art wall for the month of May features works created individually and collaboratively by UU Santa Monica children, youth, teachers, parents, and staff. The collaborations and sculptures by young artists, in pleasant spring tones, are a reminder of the fragile environment they will inherit. The collection reminds the viewer of our connections to one another, to our home on earth, and to what kids begin to understand as life.

Teri Lucas, Assistant to the DRE, said the kids’ work is one of the best collections in the years since the art wall started featuring their work.

“It’s not often our hard-working art director takes breaks from her rigorous curation all year-round.”

The art pieces are one of a kind, generational contribution to the church and represent our devotion to our youth in a knit-tight community. Proceeds will benefit the RE Assistant fund that supports the RE program.

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