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Special Events form

Special Events form

The Communications Team has been working with UUSM staff to streamline how special events at church and off site are organized and promoted. The goal is to make sure event organizers have everything they need to hold a great, well attended special event – with no surprises. Let’s say that we want the only surprise to be how well everything went!

Together we’ve developed an online form (for members only) that starts with the room reservation and all the contact info. If it’s a public or congregational event we ask for a short, short description for the Thursday Announcements and the Sunday Order of Service; then there’s room for lots of text and links and graphics to appear on the website event page. The options for your event cover everything from parking, set-up, and custodial services to kitchen access, social media advertising, and the credit card swiper.

Now this is not for your regular, monthly meetings, discussion groups, or choir rehearsals. It’s for special events like concerts, receptions, social justice events, and the like.

Please note that completing the reservation does NOT result in a Newsletter story being posted. (Though Adult RE programs sponsored by the Personal and Spiritual Exploration for Adults Committee will be included in their monthly listing.) If you would like your big event covered in a story here, please submit details or a story draft (with photos!) to the Newsletter Committee at

We ask that you help staff and help to keep the congregation informed about your lecture, party, or community action. It’s good form to use the form!





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