Endless Summer? Single Service at 10:00 am Continues through November 24

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At its September board meeting, the UUSM Board of Directors voted to continue with a single service on Sundays at 10:00 am, at least through November 24, 2019. Attendance over the summer, at the Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae’s first service in the pulpit, and at succeeding Sundays have showed that a single service with high attendance can be comfortably accommodated in our Sanctuary. Indeed, increased numbers at a single service only heightens our connection to beloved community.

“Anyone who attended Rev. Jeremiah’s inaugural service felt the buzz in the room. It was exciting and so positive. Why would we want to split that in two if we didn’t have to?” wrote UUSM Board of Directors President Jacki Weber. “When we attend the same service, we literally share a common experience. It feels good. Our kids and families bond, and visitors in a full sanctuary feel that same transformative energy.”

Staying at one service is an experiment intended to keep us moving in that positive direction and allow us to gather momentum behind our new minister and DRE as we build membership.

Please touch base with your fellow congregants and frequent visitors, as you are able, to ensure that they are aware of our “endless sWorship services at 10:00ummer,” particularly for the elderly and disabled who find attending services more difficult and may not get the news as easily.

See you there… at 10:00 am.

(Edited on October 12, 2019 to change the ending date from end of October to November 24.)

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