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Chalice Lighters is a program of giving sponsored by our Pacific Southwest District. It fits right into our Generous Congregation philosophy, providing us an opportunity to help others with small contributions from many people – and then to receive that assistance ourselves from the generous members of other congregations.

Imagine: your $20 could help a new congregation support a social justice program, hire its first music director, or purchase tiny chairs and tables for the littlest RE participants.

As a Chalice Lighter, you will receive a note, usually an email, at most three times a year, calling upon you to consider donating to a proposed grant for another UU congregation. You can read the proposal to learn the specifics, then decide whether you wish to support it with your $20 donation. You’ll need to say “yes” to only one proposal per year to maintain your Chalice Lighter designation – but of course you can also choose to fund a second proposal, or all three.

Chalice Lighters remains sustainable through small but broad-based donations, supporting fiscal health and growth in all our congregations. In order to submit our own grant proposals, we’ll need 20% or our church membership to join. Please consider becoming a participant in this enormously successful program.

We will announce the program from the pulpit on June 23, and I’ll be on hand in Forbes Hall to answer questions and help you join. I look forward to an enthusiastic response!

RSVP HERE - Specify UU the Vote

When you enroll, please make sure you check the Pacific Southwest District’s program.

—Barbara Kernochan for Chalice Lighters: A Program of Generosity

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