Why Come to Camp This September?

Our congregation’s weekend at de Benneville Pines is just around the corner,
September 13 to 15 (3 pm Friday to 3 pm Sunday).
Over 80 people have signed up already. Our new Developmental Minister and our new Religious Exploration Director will be coming. How about you, too?

Why Come to Camp?

Q: Why should you make it a priority to come to camp?  A: You need it.

Do you ever notice that you haven’t been really breathing lately? You know, those long deep breaths that allow you to pause, take a moment and just notice yourself, your thoughts, feelings, and the world around you.

Camp is an opportunity to take a breath. You can breathe clean air, smell the pines, sit in the sunshine, and just be.

Camp is a weekend to slow down and enjoy yourself, your family, and other UUSM folks – the kind of slowing down together that might feel difficult to do when we’re navigating the demands and obligations of the everyday world.

Camp is a chance to hang out with people of all ages, to listen, learn, and play together. Or it’s an opportunity to read a book. Sing along. Try out archery. Go on a hike or just wander. Really, there’s only a few tasks we have to pitch in together to do while we’re there.

Camp is a place to further your relationships with those in our congregation. You will leave the weekend feeling more connected to others in our community. Relationships can deepen. Children are laughing. Adults can relax.

We do camp as a community, together. The programming is all ours. Camp is a where you’re invited to linger in the woods. Where you can explore possibilities.

Being in nature is a therapy for many of us. It’s easy to forget what stars really look like at night, or the smell of pines trees, or what the sound of a creek running down a mountain does to our senses.

So why come to camp? Because camp is an opportunity for something special. We are the lucky ones. And we need it! Come.

~Amy Brunell

Your enthusiastic Planning Committee is: Amy Brunell as Dean, Chela Metzger and Karl Lisovsky as Registrars, along with Linda van Ligten, Judith Martin-Straw, Sunni Pavlovic, Joyce Holmen, and Liza Cranis.

The easy registration form is here.

More info about camp is right here.

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