Wednesday, Sept. 25 – Healthy Congregation Council Offers Dialogue About Theology

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Have you been heeding the guideline to refrain from talking in polite company about religion or politics – even in church? Have you been hankering for the opportunity to do so? If so, here is your chance.

On Wednesday, September 25 from 7 to 9 pm, Healthy Congregation Council will host the third in its InterGroup Dialogues across Difference series, entitled “Theology: Need We Think Alike to Love Alike?”

Topics explored will include how our social identities have informed our past and present religious or ethical beliefs; spiritual crises or epiphanies that may have led us to the UU church; how narrowly or expansively we individually view the UU umbrella (i.e. , who “belongs” here); and how comfortable with and accepting of we, as individuals and as a community, are of folks whose beliefs are in conflict with ours.

InterGroup Dialogues establish contained and respectful spaces in which congregants may discuss and disagree about sensitive topics in an effort to more thoroughly understand each other’s perspectives. The goal is not to debate, nor to change each other’s minds, nor even to come to an agreement, but rather to appreciate the inherent worth of one another’s conflicting viewpoints.

If you would like to join us in Forbes Hall for snacks, treats and InterGroup Dialogue Across Difference, please contact us at or let council members know.


By Vilma Ortiz, Audrey Lyness, Cassie Winters, Linda van Ligten and Aubrey Sassoon

Healthy Congregation Council

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