UU the Vote Postcarding Update – North Carolina and Beyond!

UU the Vote table in 2022

Hello Postcard Champions!!

We are embarking on our voter encouragement… into Florida now. Naples area, Collier County.

Collier County, FL logoCollier County in Florida

We have done a great job getting North Carolina people to check and make sure they are registered to vote.

Shelby County in North Carolina

It’s time for us to be mailing the cards we’ve done now for North Carolina. We have tallied up just about 3,800 cards for NC. How are you doing? Let me know if you can use some help to complete them and mail them. Or, let me know if you are done and ready for the next batch. If you still have NC cards pending and would like to switch them out to have more time, that’s fine. Bring them by this Sunday and we can help complete them together. We have more stamps. Or, let me know if you need them picked up. Mailing deadline is next week.

Our momentum is strong and our outreach method is powerful! Consider what is happening in Virginia’s Primary. We’ve heard the phrase “Every Vote Counts”. There is a current Republican fight/recount in Virginia’s 5th for their primary result from June 18. About 60, 000 people voted in the Republican 5th district Primary. The Primary outcome there is projected to be within about 300 votes only. Close calls happen.

60,000 people 300 people

Here’s a look at about 60,000 people…and about 300 people.

Our cards can make a big difference…help tip in favor of the election results we want. Each and EVERY VOTE is meaningful and enough will accrue to a majority of votes. That wins elections. When I see a completed postcard, ready to mail, I see a VOTE!

We now have 8,275 postcards already distributed. And we’re just barely into July. Such great work!!!

How many more votes can we encourage/ensure? Let’s do more!!! Thank you for your consistent good effort!