Stewardship Snapshot: An Abundance of Opportunity

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First, in this unprecedented time when most of us shelter at home and stay safe, UUSM continues to co-create the community we aspire to be: beloved, uplifting and encouraging to each other, and caring for a world that hurts. We see in our community an abundance of leadership, resourcefulness, loving care, and patience. We’ve seen extraordinary online worship, 100+ people in a new Chalice Companions check-in program, and a chatty new UUSM Facebook Group. These are just some of the ways we have adapted to these strange days, ministering to one another.

Meanwhile,, the business of the church goes on. Our 2020–21 pledge drive is crossing the finish line, ensuring that transformative worship, enriching multigenerational programming, and connection to our larger UU faith and principles will continue.

This year’s Stewardship campaign theme, “Igniting Our Faith”  inspires us to light our chalices of the heart and pass on that light of love and inclusion to those who touch our lives and to the world beyond. We, as individuals, our church, and the world face challenges. But the coming months will also present abundant opportunities to grow and share our blessings, while uplifting new priorities and marginalized voices—“to be blessed, and to be a blessing.”


The best news is that we have received commitments from more than half of our congregational households, and 74 households have newly pledged or raised their pledge from last year. This level of “fired up” brings us within striking distance of our pre-COVID goal.

But the uncertainty is greater than we’d planned for. Currently, pledge fulfillment is trending downward and rental income and fundraising have virtually evaporated. (We miss Dining for Dollars!) We need for all of us to come together and pledge, to the very best of our ability, to build a strong UUSM, no matter what. We want every household to turn in a pledge form this year, and commit anew to our beloved community.

Please email Administrator Nurit Gordon at with your generous pledge right now. Or visit the Stewardship/Fundraising page on the UUSM website to download the pledge form or fulfill your pledge online. 

We’re excited to announce that about half of the $10,000 in matching funds has been released due to fresh automatic monthly pledges and increased commitments from our current steadfast monthly pledgers. There’s another $5,000 that can be unlocked, and just a few more days to double the impact of your 2020 pledge. Generous UUSM donors are matching all new, automatic monthly pledges, and increases in automatic monthly pledges, dollar-for-dollar through May 4. (If you’re an annual, lump-sum pledger, we thank you kindly and ask that you consider becoming an automatic monthly contributor today.)

In her recent message of gratitude and hopefulness, UU President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray said: “At fraught times such as these, we are reminded how much we need each other. How much we need communities of care, purpose, and spiritual depth…. I want you to know how much your giving matters. I want you to know that you belong in this spiritual community, whatever your financial capacity. We are a people in covenant with one another.”

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