Preparations Begin for D4$ 2024 Auction

Dining for Dollars

Dining for Dollars is UU Santa Monica’s most communitarian fundraiser: it brings like-minded people into community and raises money for the church. A win-win, for sure.

Here’s how this silent auction fundraiser works: Let’s say you would like to offer a dinner for eight people in your home. The dinner might have a theme, like “Moroccan Cuisine”. You would offer this event, people will bid on attending, and the highest eight bidders, or “winners”, will enjoy the get-together. The church gets the money, and people who attend get to have fun.

Please consider hosting an event (or offering goods/service) for church members and friends to bid on in our upcoming silent auction, which will be held online May 19 through May 26 at . Click the link to see some of the events and goods/services that some of your fellow UUSM congregants have already submitted.

If you would like to offer an EVENT or GOODS/SERVICE for people to bid on, tell us about it by filling out this survey. Please let us know by April 30 at the latest.

If you prefer not to fill out the survey, you can simply email us at  

Or visit us at our table in the courtyard on Sundays after Worship Service, where we could give you a paper form, if you prefer.

We will run this silent auction though the website Events will be held between June 15, 2024 and January 15, 2025.

Bidding will open Sunday May 19 at 11:30 noon and will close Sunday May 26 at 8:00 PM. 

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Dining for Dollars Committee —
Pat, Barbara, Farrokh, Greg, Karl