Our Arizona Lobby Repair Project is Finally Moving Forward!

Here’s a joke… How many UUs does it take to do a construction project? Answer: All of them! We need your help to be patient with us as we work to complete this project. We know it’s been a long, long time.

Exciting updates: The windows are in, and the stucco is being applied in the Forbes Hall Lobby. Things should hopefully be moving forward now at a quicker pace. The last piece of this very intricate puzzle will be installation of new flooring in entry hall space. Our lighting has also been updated in this space to have a battery backup system. 

Click here for Abby Arnold’s great explanation of the whole project. 

We know that it’s been hard as we come back to the Campus that we don’t have all our bathrooms available yet. We really appreciate your patience with us! Note: We currently have four bathrooms available on Sunday. One in the sanctuary, three in the Cottage.

New light green sanctuary window frameShout out to Karl Lisovsky, Brad Hutchinson, Carol Ring and many, many others who finally got a window installed in the Sanctuary Anteroom. Our window was lost to weather and the universe many years ago. Now, the windows are even painted in the historically correct color. How do we know? Well, when we put in structural reinforcement in the south wall that joins the Sanctuary to the offices next door, we found the windows that were on that side. Beth got a piece of those windows. All the windows in the Sanctuary were light green when the Sanctuary was first built. Now we are even historically accurate. Cool, huh!?

Thank you to you for all your support and loving patience!

—Your UUSM Facilities Committee

New Lobby windows