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November Board Highlights

December 2, 2023

The UUSM Board of Directors met via Zoom on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, to review monthly reports and discuss various church activities.


YRE Update: Let It Flow Through

October 26, 2023

I hope you’ll notice our young people, at work and at play, on Sundays, and come to know them as they grow with our community. May their presence bring more joy.


November 2023 Worship Services

November 3, 2023

Our November theme is Generosity. Sunday morning at 10:30 am. 11/5 The Year to Save the Earth; 11/12 Holy Land; 11/19 Thanksgiving/Thanxgrieving; 11/26 The Bible. Join us!


From Our Minister: Extravagant Generosity 

November 3, 2023

With Thanksgiving/Thanksgrieving, we are reminded to practice gratitude, to share the abundance of our lives, and to grieve the painful legacies we remember this holiday season.


November 2023 Adult Programs

October 30, 2023

Come, come, whoever you are! Welcome to an exciting journey of questioning, challenging, and celebrating life’s mysteries and wonders.


Celebration of Life for Hildreth Simmons on November 4

November 3, 2023

Please join us for a Celebration of Life service and reception to remember Hildreth Simmons on Saturday, November 4, at 11:00 am in our Sanctuary.


October Board Highlights

November 7, 2023

The UUSM Board of Directors met via Zoom on Tuesday, October, 2023, to review monthly reports and discuss various church activities.


October/November Art Wall: Colleen Flynn-Lawson

October 13, 2023

Paintings by the artist Colleen Flynn-Lawson are on display at UUSM during the months of October and November.


Santa Monica’s Apology to the Black Community

October 20, 2023

Robbie Jones, Angela Scott, and Rebecca Cannara from the Committee for Racial Justice talked to a group of around 30 congregants on how the apology from the City of Santa Monica to its African-American residents came about.


Our Arizona Lobby Repair Project is Finally Moving Forward!

September 29, 2023

The windows are in, and the stucco is being applied in the Forbes Hall Lobby. Things should hopefully be moving forward now at a quicker pace.


October 2023 Worship Services

October 1, 2023

Our October theme is Heritage. Sunday morning at 10:30 am. 10/1: St. Francis & Animal Blessings; 10/8: What is Ministry?; 10/15: Mission & Vision Renewal; 10/22: Songs of Your Soul; 10/29: Día de los Muertos & Garden of Eternity Service. Join us!


From Our Minister: The Gift Of Heritage 

September 28, 2023

My heart is tuned to the whispers of the ancestors in this period and the autumnal splendor invites us all to remember the mighty cloud of witnesses that surrounds our lives. 


Guest Speaker on Santa Monica’s Historic Apology to the Black Community

September 27, 2023

Join us in the UUSM sanctuary on Sunday, October 15 at noon to learn more about the City of Santa Monica’s historic apology to its African American residents.


October 2023 Generous Congregation Supports Camp de Benneville Pines

October 5, 2023

We come together for more than ourselves. This month, half of our Sunday offerings will go to Camp de Benneville Pines. And there’s a matching grant!


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