YRE Update: Understanding Our Identities

Child sits in UUSsm climbing tree contemplative; sunny day - photo

I just wanted to share a few newsy tidbits from the cottage, for those who are curious about Youth Religious Exploration.

Our “Littles” (K through third graders) are learning about the gifts of generosity, inclusivity, and connection. In fourth through sixth grade OWL, the kiddos are knee-deep in feelings, decisions, and actions, and all the wild and wonderful ways those intersect. These brave young folx (and the grownups who love them) are also studying reproduction and how to stay healthy. The Coming of Age group is working to understand privilege and to dismantle white supremacy culture. I don’t know about you, but all that makes me feel so hopeful heading into the holidays.

Our first Children’s Chapel

This past Sunday we had our first Children’s Chapel during worship.  Many of our families: babies, grandparents, and everyone in between, joined in a celebration of our monthly theme, generosity. We explored generosity by playing, dancing, singing, drawing, and thinking about gratitude for the teachers in our lives. Who are your teachers? What’s special about them? And how do we show them gratitude?

It was a very special day, and I look forward to being together again this way in the new year. Thank you to all the families that showed up, and to Amy Brunell and Johnny Canales for leading this with me!

Throughout the cottage we are exploring and reflecting on what it means to be a UU, and we hope you’re wondering right along with us. The coming season brings an abundance of holidays: opportunities to reflect on the traditions that make us feel at home and that help us each to understand our various identities. We all have different ways of being, at home and out in the world, that intersect and overlap.

If you’re looking for ways to reflect and to find meaning and purpose in the upcoming season, we hope you’ll join us in our at-home, multi-religious and inclusive Advent practice. (Access by clicking the button below.) There are new activities and questions to be with each week as you light your chalice. May this be another source of connectivity and inspiration for us all.


Breathe in peace; breathe out love. And let’s remember (as Mother Theresa once encouraged) that we belong to each other.

— Rev. Amelia Mu’mina Marie
Ministerial Specialist for Religious Education and Community Life (MSRE)