Meet the Nominating Committee 2019-2020

You are invited to talk with one or more members of the Nominating Committee. These informal talks will support the committee’s role in the important work of building our healthy and vibrant church future.

The Nominating Committee consists of six members, each serving a three-year term. Each year two members rotate off the committee and two new members are elected to the Committee. Members who complete a three-year term may be re-elected for a subsequent three-year term. Committee members elect the Chair of the Nominating Committee.

The responsibilities of the committee include identifying potential leadership candidates from among the voting members of the congregation and putting together a slate of candidates to fill open positions on the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee. Nominees are elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting held in May. The Nominating Committee is also responsible for filling positions on the Board that may be vacated during the church year. And, the committee recommends to the Board qualified church members to serve on the Personnel, Investment, and Finance Committees as positions are vacated. In any year that a Ministerial Search Committee is to be formed, the Nominating Committee’s task is to put together a full slate of candidates for election by the congregation.

Pat Gomez has been a UU all of her adult life and has been a member of UUSM since 2004. She has served as Membership Chair, was part of the team to start what we now know as Heart to Heart groups, worked with interns, served on the Board and on a Ministerial Search Committee, and currently serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee. She is happily retired and enjoys spending time with her two young grandsons when she is not traveling the world learning about other cultures and making new friends.

Linda van Ligten has been a member here for over 20 years. With her husband Greg Wood, they raised their daughter in this church and try to live the Seven Principles.  She is a retired nurse, participates in RE as an OWL teacher, also ushers, is a coffee barista, and participates in a couple of committees. For fun she like to hike and take classes at Emeritus College.

Barbara Kernochan began attending our church in 1981 and has served the congregation in many capacities, from napkin folder to Board president.  She is a long-time usher and began her tenure with the Nominating Committee and with our Chalice Lighters program this past June.

Alison Kendall is an architect and planning consultant specializing in sustainable design.  She is chair of the Green Living Committee.  She also serves as a Worship Associate and member of the Facilities Development Committee and Nom Comm. She has been a church member since 2003 with her husband Francois and two children now in their twenties.

Karl Lisovsky has been a member of this congregation for 25 years, raised his kids in this church, and tries to live the seven principles.  He is a husband, father, teacher, songwriter, union organizer, and pretty good handyman.

Nalani Santiago (pronouns: they/them/theirs) has been a church member here since January 2011 and has been an active Lifespan Religious Exploration Committee member for almost as long. Their work on the Committee is centered on our Church’s youth programs (junior and senior high) and includes being a RE teacher and OWL facilitator, volunteering as program staff at de Benneville Pines for three junior high winter camps, developing/writing curricula, and being an advisor on youth trips. Nalani is a proud member of the UUSM choir.  They have also worked on UUSM’s Safety Task Force and the Right Relations Support Team.

~ Karl Lisovsky

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