Living in Harmony with Each Other and Our Earth: 2023 Pacific Southwest Service Area Assembly

The 2023 Pacific Southwest Service Area Assembly will be held at Unitarian Universalists San Luis Obispo on April 21-23.

Come share in the assortment of workshops, two keynote speakers, meals, wine tasting, nature preserve walk, worship and song. Find places to stay and dine, delegate information, financial assistance, vendor information and other needed details on the website, or view the flyer.

Registration is open: Adults $75/$100

Two Esteemed Keynote Speakers:

Speaker Chairwoman of the Northern Chumash tribal Council (NCTC), Violet Sage Walker, will speak on the formation of a Chumash Heritage Natural Marine Sanctuary.

Tribal Chair of the ytt Tribe, Mona Olivas Tucker, will speak on tribal history and the fight to recover tribal lands.

Please help sponsor a youth to come to the assembly! Jr. & Sr. High Youth registration opens Saturday, March 4 at 7:00 am. Contact Marianne Swift-Gifford for youth related questions and contact Laura Chamberlin for registration questions.

In the tradition of our beloved PSWD annual assembly, the 2023 PSWSA assembly is hosted by UU’s of SLO and is proudly sponsored by Camp de Benneville Pines.