Dining for Dollars is BACK! 

Dining for Dollars

Hello UUs at UUSM!  Remember this poster?

Dining for Dollars is BACK!

Our congregation is mostly surviving the pandemic, and though we are not quite ready to return to in-person events, we can get together online to have some fun!

In May 2021, we will have the UUSM Spring Auction, which is our way of doing Dining for Dollars online.  In the first auction, held over the holidays, several people hosted events that involved food and drink: there was a pizza-making class, a beer-tasting as well as a wine-tasting get-together, even a Beatles trivia event.  Also, many items were sold: textiles, jewelry, and antiques.

  • Bidding for the Spring Auction will take place Sunday May 16th through Sunday May 23rd.
  • Events will be held between end of May and Ingathering.

Can you think of a Zoom-friendly event that YOU might host?  Something that would bring people together, that could make money for the Church AND bring people together?

Offer an event soon!  Contact us at auction@uusm.org


Beth, Pat , Greg, Karl




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